Hearts Sterling Silver Bracelet and Argentium 935 Silver, 22K Gold Pollen Blossom.

Made to Order.

Hand-crafted in Canada.

Gift Ready option available.

Processing time up to 2 weeks.

Shipping time 2 weeks to 1 month.

No returns, No exchange and No cancellation.

* Bracelet Upgrade options available:

- Sterling Silver + Niobium Bracelet

- Sterling Silver Chainmail

- Argentium 935 Silver Chainmail

- Diamond-cut Sterling Silver Bracelet

- Oval Sterling Silver Bracelet 

* Blossom Upgrade options available.

- 2mm Gem Stud (CZ, Apatite, Black Spinel)

- 22K Solid Gold Pollen Granules

- Argentium Sparkle

Silver Gold Blossom Bracelet