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  • Evonne Low

Stone 福祿壽


An offer for our STONE 福祿壽 came in from an interested buyer on Sunday 11th June! Alas...I looked at the offered price....omg...$50. The interested buyer think this piece is a piece of junk? or was he trying to play punk?

A couple of weeks back, this piece of "boulder" that is 60cm tall was put up for sale on our online store, Carousell. We would be happy to sell this piece if we were offered anything more than $40,000 and would rather keep displayed in our office if we were offered anything less.

It came as a shock to have received the $50 offer. Check out the Screenshot of the offer! It took me quite a while to reply the interested buyer. $50 is an insulting offer to think how much effort had been put by the artist into the carving work, the polishing and not to mention the transportation costs from the art house. Of course, we must not belittle the quality of the natural stone either.

Interested genuine buyers can email us to enquire or to request viewing. This stone carving of 福祿壽 sits on a wooden stand. The stone height is about 60cm and 80cm wide.

#stone #fulushou #福祿壽

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