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Imperial 景德镇 Porcelain Plates

The Collection of Limited Edition "Beauties of Red Mansion" Porcelain Plates by Master Artisan Zhao HuiMin were produced during the years 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. Each Imperial 景德镇 porcelain plate is 8.5 inch in diameter. A complete collection comprise of a total of 12 plates. Each plate has its own serial number printed on the underside.

In the 1980s, these plates were valued and retailed at $20 to $30 each. In the current market, these vintage plates are now valued at $100 to as high as $400 each. The unique plate serial number imprinted on the plate, condition of the print and porcelain determine the difference in value of each plate. Prices go as low as $20 from online private seller or no ebay but it is difficult to determine the actual quality and condition of each piece. Most collectors prefer to view each piece in person before purchasing.

We no longer have the entire set to showcase. We sold most of the plates we had in hand at $100-$200 each. We do have a small selection of these plates for sale. Interested collectors can email us to enquire.

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