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Chairman Mao

毛主席万岁!(Long Live Chairman Mao!)

毛主席万岁!(Long Live Chairman Mao!)

毛主席万岁!(Long Live Chairman Mao!)

All Hail Chairman Mao!

All Hail Chairman Mao!

During the "cultural revolution" (1966-1976), it is very popular to wear these beloved Chairman Mao Zedong pin badges. It was a symbol to show patriotism and respect to Chairman Mao. These pin badges were made from either Aluminium, Porcelain or Plastic and often displayed the image of Mao Zedong, accompanied by nationalistic slogans or the province at which the badges were made on the underside of the badges. 景德镇 (Jing DeZhen) is famed for their fine porcelain. Most of Chairman Mao's Porcelain pin badges were made from 景德镇.

These porcelain badges, dependent on rarity, print quality and overall condition, sell for $25 to $50 each.

Interested collectors can email us to enquire.

Chairman Mao was also worshipped by many Chinese as a GOD. Many will privately secure a Chairman Bust in their household. The prices of Fine Porcelain busts of Chairman Mao have rocketed over these recent years as they are a very much sought after collector piece by the rich Chinese collectors.

We have a couple of good fine porcelain Chairman Mao Busts available for interested collectors. Please kindly contact us if you are interested in viewing.

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