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王瑞璧 Wong Sui Pick's Calligraphy

Wong Sui Pick 王瑞璧 (1904-1998) was one of the most respected senior calligraphers in Singapore. He was renowned for his finger calligraphy in cursive script. His first calligraphy exhibition was held in 1981. For his excellent artistic works in Chinese calligraphy, he was awarded the Cultural Medallion by the National Art Council, Singapore in 1992.

Wong Sui Pick's calligraphy pieces are probably worth a couple of grands each. Quality pieces go for as high as ten grand each. We acquired a couple of his art pieces from a private collector many years back. Within the acquired lot, some were his practice pieces and some were his 样本 (templates) used for prints. Note the white correction fluid marks on the flaws or errors within some of his calligraphy pieces.

Selected pieces are now available for sale. Interested collectors can contact us to request to view them.

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