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  • Evonne Low

Porcelain Bird Cups

Our purchaser passed me a bag of small porcelain pieces last month and simply said...

....."nah...bird cups for you to sell".

I was like....Huh? What bird cups?....birds also need antique porcelain cups meh? Who will buy them? I thought to myself, for sure no one will want to buy these for their birds! Well, I was wrong. Within a day of posting these porcelain bird cups on our carousell site, there were immediate enquiries from multiple interested buyers!

Apparently, these bird feeder cups are hot favourites amongst bird enthusiasts in Southeast Asia! Old retirees "uncles" as we would call them, would buy these bird cups to collect or to deco their expensive bird cages that house their prized green Mata Putehs (oriental white-eye) and Jambuls. Many will even go to the extend of purchasing decorative ivory holders to fasten these bird cups onto their bird cages. Every weekend morning, bird enthusiasts would gather at various coffeehouses in Singapore for Songbird competitions and of course, needless to say, to show off their prized birds and their exquisite cages!

Interested buyers can check out our carousell site or email us to enquire.

We sell each set of these blue and white porcelain bird cups (comes in sets of 2, 3 or 5s) for $200-$500.

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