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PHILIP LOW (President)


Mr. Philip Low, Chief Executive Officer and founder of WON HOLDINGS PTE LTD, has worked in the field of water engineering for over 30 years. Before starting Won Holdings, he led all water engineering operations at Hup Heng Enterprise, a privately held commercial water engineering firm as the Managing Director.

Mr. Low now manages Uni Hong Enterprise Pte Ltd together with his board of directors and his team of young, vibrant and enthusiastic staff.  The goal of his team is to ensure that the company's business continues and flourish.

Mr. Low also has extensive experience as an entrepreneur. He founded Semakin Persona Snd Bhd and Consistent Design Snd Bhd, a real estate investment and management firm based in Malaysia.  As Management Director, he managed all aspects of the business including strategy, operations, marketing, management.  He developed and authored all versions of the business plan, led efforts to secure venture financing.

EVONNE LOW (Director)


Dr. Evonne Low, Executive Director and Business Development Consultant of WON HOLDINGS PTE LTD, specialises in the field of branding and marketing development and business consultancy.  As a Business Development Consultant, she works with small to medium sized business clients to assess market opportunities, focusing on new and existing markets, customer needs and competitive vulnerabilities. She also helps clients define the value proposition of the enterprise and develop an actionable strategy for profitable business growth,

Formally, she worked as a Corporate Marketing Manager for Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd. based and Taiwan R.O.C. and as InfoTech Director/Business Development Manager for Nanjing Potomac Group based in Nanjing, China. From 2003 to 2005, Dr. Low worked as Business Development Consultant of Cheenatown and provided consultative guidance in marketing and general management.

Dr. Low earned her PhD degree from Victoria University of Wellington in 2005. She holds advanced degrees in Plant Sciences from The National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Mass Communications.

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